ARMEC Cooling Tower

Bio: Armec is manufacturer of Innovative, Induced Draught Fan less Jet Cooling Towers which are without fans and fills. Ours is an indigenous technology, developed as a result of continuous interaction with end users in the past decades. We have commissioned more than 7000 Jet Towers throughout India and abroad for all applications. Our Jet Towers can be used for applications in Chemical, Marine & Agro Based Process Houses, Edible Oil, Steel, Sugar, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Power, Plastic, Soft Drinks, Air Conditioning in Hotels/Hospitals, Textile, Rubber Processing and various Industries that use Boilers & Furnaces. It is also used in Commercial buildings, Malls & Multiplexes. Looking at the current situation of water scarcity and ever-increasing electricity bills, our cooling tower provides a cost effective and energy saving solution. Unlike the conventional cooling towers with Fans and Fills, which require regular repair and periodical replacement of spares like fan blades, reduction gears, fills etc, our Jet Type Cooling Towers Are Fit And Forget Type. The conventional cooling towers sometimes require total revamping. Compare to which, our jet cooling towers help save so such that, the entire cost of cooling tower can be recovered in a small time span. We also have an Engineering Spares division that caters to all types of spares’ requirement. Today, we pride in having large sugar mills, consultants and turn-key contractors as our patrons with repeat orders.

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