Team ARMEC recently came back from a co-gen plant of a private sugar plant in western Maharashtra region.

They have an existing co-gen plant with following specification:-

Capacity = 15 MW-17 MW

Steam flow = 52.8 ton/hr (Approx)

Turbine = Extraction cum Condensing

Condenser steam flow=23.3 ton/hr

Cooling water flow ~1600 m3/hr

Typical Problem: Even In Winter Months

  1. Condenser cannot be loaded with full steam flow.
  2. Cooling tower fills keep falling in basin & block the strainer/ pipeline.
  3. Typical cooling tower performance with practical observation in winter months.


  • Condenser steam load = 18.7 ton/hr.
  • Power generated = 14 MW.
  • Condenser inlet (Cooling tower cold water) = 48°
  • Condenser outlet (Hot water to cooling) =55°
  • With reduced steam flow to condenser = 8 ton/hr, Power operation = 9.3 MW, Hot water=44°c, Cold water=39°

The Mill wants to go for augmentation

Cooling tower capacity, post expansion = 3000 m3/hr.

Additional condenser + existing condenser steam loading = 40 ton/hr

Max power generation design = 25.5 MW.


  • Existing pipeline is combination of 650 mm to 450 mm.
  • No Space for additional cooling tower.
  • The new cooling tower location (within given constraints) is surrounded by obstacles/ buildings.

It was interesting to see very casual approach towards over all the aspects of fan cooling tower performance, operations & almost “FAT ACCOMPLI” kind of attitude with existing MONEY HUNGRY + POWER HUNGRY + MAINTENANCE  HUNGRY FAN COOLING TOWER TECHNOLOGY.



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