Recently team ARMEC visited one sugar mill in north India., they were called to assess old fan less cooling tower supplied by ARMEC long back.

It is our pleasure to share with our readers that our fanless cooling towers of 3000 m3/hr are serving the boiling house in the sugar mill since 19 years.

The esteem client has hardly spent any money on their maintenance. At the same time couple of new cooling towers, which are just five year old (Purchased due to attractive low prices) are in very bad shape.

Client is very happy, with ARMEC jet cooling tower & wants ARMEC to carry out revamp /replace after 19 years.

The irony is one of the well wisher (from technical side) has requested ARMEC to work out very low price as commercial decision will be only to the lowest of the offers.

Isn’t this amusing? We understand & appreciate good quality, manufacturing, workmanship & long life of products!

But when it comes to appreciating with reasonable pricing, we all become miser! For personal consumption we find budget, but for industrial product we go to the cheapest (initial cost only)

As compared to equivalent RCC / Wooden fan cooling tower (with 19 year of operation) would have coasted corer of rupees to the end user due to Electricity, Spares Inventory, Periodic Repairs & Revamps, Oil Consumption & Electrical required in fan cooling towers.




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