It is now 10 years the co-gen power plant is still stuck up with under designed cooling system.

(It is a different matter that all these years have not put too much pressure on power plant to co-gen financial economics)

The surface condensers installed during 2006-2007 can not take more flow & pressure. Client has installed required pumps & jet cooling towers but not above to run all the pumps due to constraints in condenser design. The project was put under cut throat competition so some engineering compromise was forced on turnkey contractor.

Whenever there is jet cleaning of condenser flow gets improved. During early commissioning days it was easer for big bosses (turnkey contractor & even unit head) to only blame cooling tower supplier.

Soon over all limitations of piping design & condenser limitations were cleared. Question remained!

How to enhance the system to allow last pump to run so that last cooling tower can be effectively put on use .

Alas !! 10 Year have passed, no practical solution is in horizon.

less flow with more number of jet cooling towers is counter productive with jet technology.

We at team ARMEC keep education the users for more optimal operational aspect enough documents are given but in India systems usually take back seat.

Industry works more on the basis of individual involvement basis & not with system made / formed & driven.



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