Team ARMEC is in continuous touch with one of the old client in GCC Countries.

The jet cooling tower installed long ago is now beyond its promised life in highly corrosive atmosphere we have been interacting with user team to refurbish the old cooling tower structure. The beauty with jet cooling tower is that you can do component level repairs, one can replace each & every component at easy without affecting.

The overall interconnected design restrictions. In any fan type cooling tower, we do not have luxury of time if the to is old ., if tower has vibration issue if tower has structural strength issues, if tower is ageing one has to call for urgent repair & revamps . Yes once you touch the tower a lot of unforeseen work adds up as interconnected design wants you to address multiple points & issue.

Any lethargy in quick decision can lead to fatal accident Jet cooling tower is the most static equipment. It does not have vibration, load kind of troubles The GCC based client had jointly assessed the repair required before two years.

Since tower is still working (slowly more deteriorating ) without raising any kind of alarm or fatal Situation, Decision is delayed since last 2 year it is same copy “YES WE KNOW, WE MUST DO IT, EARLIER THE BETTER!” We hope client will appreciate The fact that like humans, Machine also age & some care is also due which must be time bond.

Till that time we are happy that our Jet cooling tower is still working at virtually zero operation Cost!!


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