Recently particular in one government tender the specification given were

Capacity = 300 TR.

Application = Air Compressor.

Hot Water Temperature = 50° C.

Cold Water Required from cooling tower= 32° C.

Wet Bulb Temperature = 28° C.

Capacity of cooling tower in water flow = 270 m3/hr.

These kind of specification reminded us of old era of eighteens & nineteens where ,most of technical specification were drafted (or may be dictated ) to suit monopolistic business practice.

They were

Hot water to cooling tower = 60° C.

Cold water from cooling tower = 30° C.

Wet Bulb Temperature = 28° C.

Application = All Kind of application for all kind of industries.

(Basically 2° C driving force (Approach) & 30° C work done(Delta T).

It was a classic case of



(crude translation : Buyer & Seller are extraordinary smart)

Coming back to case under consideration, simple heat balance calculation will expose the game.

This is more funny in todays Internet era where WWW & Google can explain you most complex things. One can easily find out what will be practical head load for given CFM optimized water flow.

May be people have to be more innovative to safe gourd their business interest. Same old tricks may not work!!



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