Oh !! I Wish….

White Nile Sugar Co, Sudan

This blog is dedicated to all our good clients.

Many times when we review our annual efforts in giving services to our good clients . We end having a small guilt.

This guilt is very unique “oh, such wonderful client, wish we could have given a little more attention , more better client servicing! Spend more quality time with such a wonderful company. But just couldn’t!!”

Where is the irony? Irony lies with those. Self centered,Unnecessarily Demanding individuals / parties. satisfying them is drain out exercise, tiresome, irritatingly, frustrating. You loose valuable time, energy & money keep them happy.

Invariably these are the clients who negotiate hard, want bad payment terms (for supplier) & have hidden intention of not paying in time.

They will delay the matter. They will go on leave (after calling you & your team) they will not attend crucial execution meeting, they will come from holiday’s & challenge everything which their own team members have painstakingly worked out with the vendors like us.

Their own colleague are uncomfortable in taking any open “PANGAS” with them.

Many times these individuals behave in particular fashion because of their own nature or at times the owners like to have these kind of people to do the dirty job (so payment gets delayed).

In that case our efforts have to be more!!

Annually very few individuals / clients gobble up major time, energy, money of vendor’s efforts. yes this is not only our story as world is same for every one & this story will resonate with maximum readers.

Here in this blog the reference is more from client – vendor perspective, but most will agree even in society around us.

We all end up spending more time ( & also energy & money) with people, who may not be your ideal choice to share your own life .

We all feel that little guilt ” oh i wish to spend more time with some one whose wavelength match with me but hey where is the time?!!

The meager time is devoted to these demanding individuals (who can be colleague, relatives & neighbors.)


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