Team ARMEC recently visited a large chemical plant in Maharashtra.

The unit was established in seventies & till today they must used “N” no of evaporative cooling towers of different makes, types.

Cumulatively their experience in using cooling tower must be more than actual life of many cooling tower suppliers.

It is fair to believe that by this time they must have realised the constraints associated with evaporative cooling system vis-a-vis refrigeration system.

Evaporative cooling system is driven by little humidity gradient of incoming air & outgoing air.

Recirculation of out going humidity is an obvious limitation which is usually taken  care with use of FANS or JET -Venturi motions.

“HUMAN WISHES” REPEATEDLY TAKE OVER RATIONAL MIND. Few individuals were hooked on “spray pond” concept of high pressure pump with louvers enclosure with promise of 0°C to 2°C as approach.

The enclosure blocks the humid air within spray pond was their own doubt but still the temptation of 0°C or 1°C or 2°C (are 2°C bhi mil jayega to bhi bahot hai) was over powering.

 White Nile Sugar Co, Sudan


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