img_20160128_120538863Recently received very interesting enquiry from a large sugar unit.

Cooling tower capacity = 300 m3/hr.

Inlet Temp. = 50°C.

Outlet Temp. = 30°C.

Wet Bulb Temp = 34°C.

The enquiry was sent from the office of executive vice president.

India’s story of industrialisation is now 5 decades old. Still large user of cooling towers are yes to accept “EVAPORAIVE COOLING” & its working.

Till nineties most of sugar complex used to give specification as below.

Hot Water =60°C.

Cold Water =30°C.

Wet Bulb Temp = 28°C.

Still many steel plants give specification as

Hot Water =50°C / 55°C.

Cold Water =30°C.

Wet Bulb Temp = 28°C/ 30°C.

“We want more at least driving force / approach / negatives approach” has been recurring theme.

Ye dill mange more so much more at zero energy spent (Or negative energy spent).


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