Quick Reporting

Recently visited a large PSU Refinery in North India.

During the interaction with one of the senior technical executive, learnt practical aspects of getting field reports in jiffy.

Following can be very useful to any one who wants least cost, without too much instrumentation and quick reporting by unskilled staff.


Remote location of Cooling Towers –

when large number of cooling towers are being used along with number of pump-motor sets, it becomes difficult to get quick report from unskilled staff:

  • Install Flags/Banners at outlet of each cell
  • Install small Fan connected to motor shaft of pump-motor

Reporting –

  • Without going near cooling tower, unskilled person can see Flags/Banners in upright position due to cooling tower exhaust

  • The small Fan which is rotating due to motor shaft rotation, can be seen by unskilled staff member

Based on above, any one can report about how many cooling tower cells are in operation vis-a-vis how many pumps are actually running. Thus can be given guidance to switch over to new set.


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