The world over most of the Cooling Towers are using plastic fills as heart of evaporative system.

Fortunately these fills (presently PVC or ABS) are thermo-plast so it is recyclable plastic.

Countries like India, have cost conscious (and not necessarily quality conscious) buyers who loves to buy cheaper recycle fills (once, twice, thrice & may be four time).

Unfortunately after each recycle it’s strength deteriorates….

Unfortunately, countries like India do not have robust “Plastic use & reuse system”.

Unfortunately, after contamination, fills may not be good for recycling.

So, world over we generate millions of tonnes of this plastic waste!!

Then……what is the solution??

Only way to solve the huge plastic waste generation, is to use “Fill-Less” cooling towers like the Jet Cooling Towers.

SAVE MOTHER EARTH, unless one day you want to sit in a rocket with one way ticket to some planet!!


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