Miracle cooling by a copier

Innovation and offering practical least cost solutions are inbuilt in DNA of Armec.

Sugarcane has 70% water. It took 5 years for team Armec to convince the sugar industry to go for zero discharge excess condensate cooling system. Our founder Mr Bhagwan Harani traveled to numerous Indian sugar mills every season for all those five years just to tell them “you have water available in sugarcane, why not use it??”

After years of struggle, this has brought a the great revolution in world sugar mills. Today all new progressive sugar mill projects are envisaged with compulsory excess condensate system for better water management and concerned responsibility towards mother nature.

From South America to Africa to Indian subcontinent to Indonesia and Philippines, excess condensate system for water management is “IN THING!!“ More than 200 sugar mills are using Armec’s unique excess condensate cooling system for water management.

One more innovation introduced by Armec is the layout of excess condensate cooling system. It is extremely user-friendly. The first inflow of excess condensate is very flexible. A conventional thought usually introduces the costly instrumentation and controls, but Armec has introduced the

layout with inbuilt equalizing system, again very innovative and one of the first for this kind of application.

All these numbers and business have attracted “the copier/s”.

Country like India loves to give crores of rupees to all our spiritual babas and gurumas. Our spiritual strength have created multi billion dollar industries.

Innovations like water saving and water conservation are effectively neither supported nor protected.

In perennial search of “aur sasta” (cheaper and cheaper) has introduced couple of copiers.

The tragedy is, no one is bothered what is the actual ownership costs.

For 95 degree C inlet, Armec has introduced two stage cooling to reduce 95 degree C to 30 degree C.

Last year, I lost my cool during one of the finalization, (when we willingly withdrew from two cases in the last round after breaking our heads) wherein client had insisted three stage cooling saying their chosen vendor has given them three stage cooling assurance. Three stage cooling is criminal wastage of space, civil cost, piping cost and mainly two running pumps giving rise to huge electrical bills.

Later we did see one case wherein buyer had experimented fan-less and fan type cooling system in series for this three stage cooling.

Recently in July 2015 when we visited one of the sugar mills near Pune in Maharashtra, we got shock of our life.

The client had 4 stage cooling and still complaining about temperature. It was a classic case of a smart copier giving them one set of 2 stage cooling which failed from day one. He still “managed” the purchaser and client bought one more 2 stage cooling.

What has shocked us is casual approach by “managed” purchase in-charge. His choice has led to three pumps running along (rather than only one pump) with huge expenses in space, civil work and piping.

His company and country has to pay continuously for this decision.

This kind of shocks initially hit us hard, but soon inspires us to work with missionary zeal to keep doing good for our clients and in turn for the society.


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