An observation: Co-Gen plant

Team Armec is back from a sugar complex located at………………

The visit was called by client as they had multiple problems with CO-GEN plant cooling tower.

The existing pultruded FRP cooling tower has failed in many aspects

  • The pultruded load carrying members need immediate replacements.

  • All the fills need to be changed.

  • Fan needs urgent redesign.

  • The performance of cooling tower in last season was way below the required parameters.

The user had spent few lakhs during the running season to enhance the structure as the whole tower was vibrating during the run.

The irony is the cooling tower is actually one year/season old. It was supplied along with power plant by Pune based turn key contractor.

The budget : the fair assessment jointly taken by team Armec and the user team is: 60 % of original investment is needed to make “the said” cooling tower actually a working cooling tower. (user team have already called various vendors and had the feedback of many along with budgetary offers.)

After two days of marathon meetings, Team Armec is given the task of revamping the cooling tower with a budget of 25 % (of what is given). Yes, the beauty is the revamp/repair job will have compulsory performance guarantee conditions.

Isn’t this similar to kehta bhee diwana, suntaa bhee diwana (the listener as well as the speaker both are fooling each other)

Deta (the person giving the contract) bhee diwana and leta (person taking the contract) bhee diwana.

Interesting- enterprising ways of business transaction.


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