Old Mindset can still Save Money

Jet Cooling Towers at times pose serious challenge to old mindset.

Some people resist new changes with strong determination. Their typical (said/unsaid) reactions are; “We have been using Cooling Towers with fan & fills since ages. We will not replace them or go for such new so-called energy-saving cooling towers.”

Certain Geography:

Even those hundreds of Jet Cooling Towers are working extremely well on high humidity coastal belts. What more can be saved if you are operating in Northern Plains of India.

So, even if one has a ‘Old Mindset’, one should consider if;

  • One’s Cooling Towers are in areas which are in interior hinterlands with Low RH

  • Winter months are very cold which gives very Low Ambient Conditions

Why to have a conventional fan & fills cooling tower for 8 months of its operation?

(at times, user tries to switch off partial fan operation – which may make non moving fan to move in opposite direction)

Even if one has an old Mindset & afraid to adopt newer things, one may opt for a system which is a combination of Fan & Jet Cooling System.

For so-called prime hot – humid months, one can run more of power-hungry – maintenance cooling towers & for remaining months can switch totally to Jet Towers.


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