“Make in India” story

For every enterprise, the “Make in India” story is quite appealing. It resonates with aspirations of a young India.

The irony is, we all want to wish “Make in India” to succeed even when our basic “Energy Requirement” is not answered & secured.

As compared to many other developed nations, which enjoy their own dominant position in the world energy market, we are a nation who can never be sure of her energy security for a horizon of 15 to 20 years.

Only way to make “Make in India” succeed is to work relentlessly towards the least ownership costs. All the energy users (industrial, commercial & institutional) must work sincerely & with open approach to  reduce all auxiliary loads.

One small way to do this is by replacing conventional Fan Cooling Towers with Jet Cooling Towers.

Now, single cell Jet tower with capacities of 2500 m3/hr (multi-cell 20,000 m3/hr & above) are here to “Make in India” story work!!




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