“Huge Investment Going Ca-put”

As a 2nd generation industrialist it pains to see huge investment becoming “DEAD” asset overnight.

In Indian context (and by large with many other developing countries there is never a long-term policy which can assure the investor; surety of long-term stability.

Classic Examples:

Price Escalation of Energy

In the past, I have seen the “shocked faces” of senior executives who have studied, convinced & installed furnace oil driven system.

In recent times, I have seen huge gas based plants sitting idle without even getting commissioned. All the days & months of due diligence go for a toss when prices of key raw material (here; Energy) go up from “A” to “B”. As a result, the plant is declared “Non Viable”.

National resources gets periodically blocked which has cascading effects; further damaging the money chain down the last person, squeezing every one.

Innovative Approach

In these kinds of situations there must be a strong urge by “The Selectors” & “The Decision Makers” to go for adoptive technologies & least ownership cost technologies.

Armec Jet Towers

With Jet, a lot of our users have effectively saved their cooling tower investment (when project viability is questioned) as these towers are;

  1. Modular

  2. Expandable

  3. Can be dismantled easily & shifted

  4. Can be broken into smaller units

  5. Can be partly used

  6. Can be kept idle without any mandatory care [a must along with other types of cooling tower]

  7. Can be easily shared with other utilities.

An Example

One of our south India based clients had placed an order for 1500 m3/hr cooling tower for their Acetic Acid Plant expansion project. By the time, when cooling tower was delivered with very good payment terms, the state government policy on ‘Molasses’ changed and management found the Acetic Acid Plant expansion “Non Viable”!!

The project was abandoned & for the time being became a “Taboo” to even speak on anything on the subject. Slowly with blessings of their various units, we could find other application where the Jet cooling tower could be used. So, the 1500 m3/hr cooling tower was broken into 500 m3/hr x 3 separate size of cooling towers [with addition of few extra components].

The client could thus easily salvage the otherwise Dead investment in the cooling tower.


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