Where is the Money?

During my various trips there are times when I realize why buying good equipment is tough for “Owners.”

For every Sethji or Babuji or Lalaji it makes sense to go for least ownership equipment, but at times one comes back with the question; “where is the money for sensible investment?” On one such occasion, during a tour in the “Milk Producing” region in UP near New Delhi, I witnessed a situation that was quite amusing. Jet Cooling Tower was well appreciated & investment for replacement was also very reasonable.

The troubled team of owner + executives was though, actually busy with a more pressing problem. There, the “UP” grid supply is very erratic with interesting phenomenon of voltage fluctuation. The dairy cannot afford constant variation.

Since last month, the owner & team are busy on due diligence for finalizing an AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) of high-capacity for the complete dairy.

The chief executive informally shared his Excel sheet, which indicated a probable investment of 40 Lac plus.

“If this happens, then there will not be any other investment in innovative technologies like your Jet Cooling Tower, at least for 2 Years.” He gave a profound smile.

When I left their dairy I found myself smiling, “where is the money for sensible investment when one is forced to take care of inefficiency of the system.”


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