Introduction to our blog

Hello Friends!

Surprised….! Seeing the 2nd post as an introduction instead of the very first post???

Well, sometimes one should change the normal pattern of things / of life for the sheer joy of a new experience……as Joseph Campbell has put it rightly,I don’t have to have faith, I have experience.

Hi, I am Shailesh Harani, – a dreamer, a runner, an engineer, a writer, an avid traveler, a keen observer, a trainer, a poet and a business head. I live in Mumbai with my lovely daughters & wife.

I have been writing blogs on ‘Running’ regularly since few years……and while on the run I realized that I have much more to share, especially experiences en route while thinking and going about my business.

My business is to manufacture Energy saving, Innovative Jet Cooling Towers!!

But, truly, my business is to share Insights and Experiences, because that’s what I’ve gained and I will give……to everyone I meet, personally or virtually.

Isn’t it cool, guys?!!

When I travel to my clients’ factories or plants, I come across many situations and people. Some amuse me and others just amaze me. I see my own Cooling tower in a different light & being a technically oriented person, I get a new insight about how technology works or don’t in varied conditions.

A brief about what ARMEC is –

Armec Group is headed by dynamic professional Mr. Bhagwan Harani, who is a strong believer in indigenous technology. It started its activities in 1972 in the field of Chilling Plants, Chemical Process Engineering, Mushroom Climate Control, Packaged Chiller, Ice Plants, Flower & Fruits Cooling System, and Packaged Cooling Tower and off course, Jet Towers.

Ours is an indigenous technology, developed as a result of continuous interaction with end users in the past decades. We have commissioned more than 7000 Jet Towers throughout India and abroad for all applications.

Our Jet Towers can be used for applications in Chemical, Marine & Agro Based Process Houses,  Edible Oil, Steel, Sugar, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Power, Plastic, Soft Drinks, Air Conditioning in Hotels/Hospitals, Textile, Rubber Processing and various Industries that use Boilers & Furnaces. It is also used in Commercial buildings, Malls & Multiplexes.

ARMEC is actively promoting the need to Save Mother Earth by Saving Energy & Water………



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